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How to grow your content strategy with webinars

How to grow your content strategy with webinars

If you’re looking to maximise your content marketing and boost your marketing strategy across channels - webinars are the perfect tool. 

Think of webinars as an amplifying tool for all the other great marketing work you're doing. They don’t only reach new or potential customer bases, they cement long term relationships with qualified leads. Webinars don't only increase brand awareness, they elevate your brand experience by offering holistic, personalised engagement opportunities. And lastly, webinars aren’t just great content by themselves, they catalyse content growth across channels.

Why are webinars such a powerful tool for your content strategy? In this article we’ll break down the many ways webinars reach across marketing channels to centralise all your existing marketing efforts and how to maximise their content value. 

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Let's start with the basics. Webinars are an excellent lead generation tool since they create a foundation for potential leads and business to come and get to know your brand in a holistic way. 

In fact, for B2B webinars, 73% of attendees turn into lead generations. For content marketing, one study found that B2B marketers think webinars, online courses and virtual events have created some of the best overall content marketing results. Put simply, webinars are a HUGE deal in the marketing world, and for good reason.

Webinars are amazing lead generation tools by themselves since 20%-40% of webinar attendees turn into qualified leads, but their lead generation and content serving power doesn't stop there.

From beginning to to end, webinars create and contribute to content marketing. Before a webinar your team may create content that can then be used again online, or for downloadable materials. Increasing your content before your webinar means that you have more to give to your attendees, which is an available tool in building brand awareness and trust. It’s also a great time to introduce your brand with branded landing pages, email reminders and other content, so attendees can familiarise themselves with you before the webinar even begins. 

Maximising your content strategy during a webinar 

Now that your webinar is live it's time to get the most value from your attendees time and attention. One smart way to interconnect your marketing campaigns during a webcast is to include CTAs and push other existing content. You can use the momentum of the webinar to capture future attendee engagement by having them sign up for future webinars, newsletters or connect on social media. 

CTAs are also a wonderful way to nurture potential leads. For example, if you’re pitching a service or product you can get attendees to sign up for personalised demo times during the event, creating high-potential leads that you can nurture further down the marketing tunnel. And CTA’s within a video are an incredibly powerful marketing tool. One company, KISSmetrics, found that by putting a CTA within a video they got 380% more clicks than when it was placed in their sidebar. 

Another study found that personalised CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads compared to untargeted CTAs, which makes webinars the perfect place to insert CTAs due to their personalised and customisable nature.

So not only are webinars creating content while they’re happening, they connect all your marketing efforts together; they are the glue to all your great marketing work and through delivering expert content and insights, enhance your audience’s brand experience. They can connect your ebooks to your webinar content, encourage long term relationships with CTAs to sign up for newsletters, and create comprehensive brand relationships by mixing the personal face to face interactions with access to data statics about your work. 

With so many ways to connect and create content during a webinar, you’ll be blown away by the opportunities to grow your content marketing after your webinar. 

Post-webinar content strategy 

One of the reasons webinars are such a powerful tool is that they are an extremely flexible content creation resource. From blogs, podcasts, to infographics, social media posts and even podcasts, webinar content can be used across your marketing channels. Webinars offer video snippets, customer responses, unique interview opportunities and a wealth of other content opportunities. 

The best part? With a little creativity you can easily maximise the value of your webinar content for little to no extra costs.

In fact one of the most powerful ways to leverage your content actually happens to also be the simplest, video. Post webinar video content, in the form of on-demand and evergreen webinars, are one of the most powerful tools of marketing you can have in your toolbox. With 86% of marketers saying video has helped them generate leads, on-demand and evergreen webinars can then continue to grow leads.

On-demand webinars are pre-recorded webinars that can be made available after an event and are accessible for an indefinite amount of time. So a recording of a webinar can be shared on a blog page, linked in a newsletter and sent to webinar attendees after the event. This drives further engagement and organically creates more video content for marketing material. 

An evergreen webinar is one that continues to stay relevant, regardless of when it was published. An evergreen webinar is often educational, teaching attendees a skill, about a product or can even be an introduction to brand and companies values and work. Similar on-demand webinars, evergreen webinars should be easily accessible and shared with interested attendees. 

And videos are one of the BEST content assets you can have in your marketing toolbox. 

That's because videos are by far the most popular choice for consumers to learn about a product or service, with 73% of customers saying they’d prefer to watch a short video over reading text-based articles, infographics, or e-books. 

Which is why on-demand webinars and evergreen video content is an exciting and powerful tool for growing brand value. Video itself is a powerful content marketing tool with 93% of marketers saying video has helped them increase their brand awareness and 87% of marketers saying that video has helped them increase their web traffic. With 58% of webinar hosts already using both live and on-demand webinar capture to let people to replay their content after the event, webinars can be the star of your video content strategy. 

Need more proof? Did you know that 96% of people watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service? And what are webinars perfect for if not empowering potential leads with information and fulfilling an elevated branded experience?

That's because videos, especially webinar videos, go beyond informing attendees about what the companies do, they actually give viewers a chance to know how your brand operates. Webinars elevate brand experience precisely because they give the human side of a business. Viewers can watch your company engage with webinar attendees and learn about their brand values from the very people practising them. 

This is especially relevant for webinars which are often educational tutorials, product demos or brand introductions.

From the customer perspective, videos are extremely compelling. With 88% of people in one survey saying they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand video and 78% saying they've been convinced to buy or download a piece of software or app by watching a video. With access to quality content you’ve already produced, nurturing your leads to the end of the marketing funnel has never been easier.


Before we go, we want to touch on one last thing, branding. Webinars are a powerful marketing tool because they help connect all your other existing marketing material together and enhance your brand experience - but that experience should also be consistent and clear.

Consistent branding across platforms has been shown to raise revenue by as much as 23% in one survey. As you can see, having consistent branding is a powerful marketing tool. This means that all your content from newsletter, to webinars should be printed and personalised. 

That's also why when choosing a webinar platform you want to think about long term content creation opportunities, and how to incorporate branding as a key element. Look for platforms that have the ability to customise and personalise your webinar with your bands colours, logos and imagery. By branding your webinar you are optimising its marketing potential. Keeping your webinar branded ties it into all your other branded content, from ebooks to infographics there are so many ways to create branded content.

Even better? Use engagement opportunities like live sketch artists during your webinar to create branded momentos for your webinar attendees. This is a great way to add a personal and memorable touch to your webinars. 

A branded webinar also makes it so that every time you reuse a webinar video, whether it be for on-demand purposes or social media, your branding will be the same. This will also make life much easier for your marketing team, trust us. 

Speaking of teams, we’d love to be a part of your webinar team! Here at Tame we offer free personalised demos so you can see if we’re the right platform for you. Reach out to us and we can help you every step of the way. 


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