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October 27, 2021


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How to maximise your hybrid and virtual events' value for exhibitors.

How to maximise your hybrid and virtual events' value for exhibitors.

Exhibitors are already directing demos, selling services or products and leading market dialogue but a virtual and hybrid space empowers them to do this on a larger scale, for smaller costs and with better measurable feedback.

In this article, we'll be exploring how to maximise the value your virtual and hybrid events give them, and you. We've also created a guide on maximising the benefits for both exhibitors and sponsors - so if you fancy having it in one handy guide, pop in your email below.

Download the guide for this article so you can save, read later and share.

The world shops, learns, and consumes online - why should exhibition halls be any different? Exhibitors are primed to lead in virtual and hybrid event spaces because these spaces cater to both virtual consumer patterns and exhibitors’ interests.

People are attending more online events than they did in-person, so exhibitors should be there to meet them.

Exhibitors at events up until the digital growth we’ve seen are all about creating a stand that is engaging and entices people to stop by, but the post-event communication can only take place if they share contact details. Not only that, but it can often be costly to put together an exhibition stand concept that makes you stand out in a potentially large room of other exhibitors.

There’s still huge value potential when it comes to having an exhibitor stand at an in-person event, but with the digital experience of hybrid and virtual events growing all the time and the future looking hybrid, we explore what benefits this setting brings to exhibitors.

What does a virtual or hybrid exhibition look like?

First, it's good to go over the basics. Exhibitors mainly invest in an event in order to showcase their products or services. 

In a virtual setting, this may look like product demos, virtual booths, Q&A sessions - or often a combination of all of these. For example, attendees may click on a virtual booth (an interactive graphic made to look like a physical exhibition booth) and be offered access to a one-on-one demo for a product or service by the exhibitor.

It’s also a great way for exhibitors to engage attendees and get their full focus, as they aren’t distracted by another stand out the corner of their eye in quite the same way as in an in-person setting, and they can connect each element of their stand together to create a seamless engaging experience. With so many opportunities available in the digital setting, it’s a great way to get creative!

For hybrid events, this can be similar, but exhibitors could also do demos for in-person audiences while broadcasting them live to a virtual audience and offering something unique to their virtual audience to really help with connecting them to the in-person experience and feel involved and engaged.  Exhibitors could also send out their physical products, or links to their digital products, so attendees can get a hands-on feel of what the exhibitor is offering and give feedback at the event. Feedback could come in the form of a virtual Q&A session or surveys. 

Jasenko Hadzic, CEO of Tame, shares his insights that “hybrid and virtual events offer exhibitors the opportunity to reach a much larger audience and generate content that can be used in more ways than potentially at an in-person event. With a broader potential reach due to no geographical limitations in terms of where people can attend from and more dynamic content, event exhibitors are able to maximise their resources by being part of virtual and hybrid events.”

“Hybrid and virtual events offer exhibitors the opportunity to reach a much larger audience through mere participating."

Looking at it from a cost perspective, having a physical booth at an event is more costly than at a virtual event.
Jasenko Hadzic, CEO at Tame.

And when it comes to the combination of all three, he shares that "in-person allows you to connect physically with your audience and that comes with a range of benefits vs. virtual which gives a larger reach, but is naturally more limited on the engagement. In-person, virtual or hybrid, basically just meant that companies now have more tools at their disposal to experiment, generate leads and find the appropriate mix that will maximise the chance of reaching their marketing KPI's.”

Endless location possibilities

No longer confined by the physical walls of an exhibition hall, virtual and hybrid events offer endless ways for exhibitors to reach and engage with attendees, all over the world with the potential for some really dynamic, interactive concepts. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and try out something new, but as the event organiser, you’ll need a platform that can support your exhibitors in their efforts to create a virtual exhibition stand that meets their needs and requirements for the event. 

Exhibitors gain a wider audience in virtual and hybrid event spaces because both exhibitors and attendees are not limited by geographic location. As explored and demonstrated with a recent EVENT survey, this showed that attendance and reach have largely increased since companies switched to virtual events. What’s even more exciting to take from this is that exhibitors can take advantage of this wider scope of attendees to grow their business with new consumers, all while strengthening brand loyalty with existing ones. 

Increased data & content

Not only that, but through a digital setup, both event managers and exhibitors will be able to track this engagement too. Virtual and hybrid events allow for much easier collection of data around attendee engagement. It’s easy to quantify feedback about a number of variables, from online surveys to the amount of time spent watching exhibitor demos, or even the number of material downloaded, exhibitors have the power to track and analyse all aspects of their presentations.

So, not only do exhibitors get to meet and pitch to new consumers, they also get key insight into their attendee’s habits in relation to their products or services.

This means the value for an exhibitor in a virtual or hybrid event setting extends beyond a single event. So along with getting all of the benefits of a wider audience and their feedback, exhibitors can also get an array of content from being at the event.

This content takes the form of a video of their demos, or the written content that comes from their potential Q&A sessions onto their webpages, or really any kind of media that has the potential to benefit an exhibitor. This content can then be reused in a number of ways to help draw more traffic to their website and other forms of content.

This makes exhibiting on a virtual or hybrid event setting a worthwhile investment, but how much does all of this cost? 

Reduced costs

On average, an exhibitor pays around $25,000-$100,000 to be involved in an in-person show, but for a virtual or hybrid trade show booth the cost is between $3,000-$5,000.

There’s just no denying this is a dramatic decrease in costs associated just with participating in the show, let alone the cost of travel and labour involved in getting a physical exhibition booth together. 

So, with all the long-lasting benefits of a virtual or hybrid exhibition, there’s the potential for a huge ROI when it comes to virtual and hybrid exhibitions. It’s also pretty good for the environment too, lowering the number of emissions caused by travel and transport of materials and equipment needed for in-person events. 

With the ability to do all this, we get that you may want to get started as soon as possible! Here at Tame, we can walk you through steps with a free personalised demo of our platform to show you the ropes so that your next event can be the best - and maybe next time we see you, you’ll be the one leading the demo!


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