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November 1, 2021


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Why is brandability so important in virtual and hybrid events?

Why is brandability so important in virtual and hybrid events?

When you spend so much time planning and executing your event, you want your attendees to walk away with new skills, unique experiences and, ultimately, a positive connection to your brand. You want to create a lasting impression and brand recognisability. That’s why, in this article, we’ll be running through just how powerful it can be to brand your event across every touchpoint your attendees cover.

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One of the strongest ways you can be sure attendees leave your event with a sense of connection and recognisability to your brand is to make your event personalised to your business. By showcasing brand assets within your event means creating a deeper understanding of your brand, one that creates a lasting relationship with attendees.

Virtual and hybrid events are remarkable with the endless ways they allow you to personalise and brand your event when your platform allows and is something you should really maximise.

As Jimmy Persson, Head of Product Design at Tame highlights, “the ability for brands to fully customise their events is essential to driving more brand awareness before, during and after an event. It’s an essential feature of event platforms as we continue to move into a digital and hybrid events era."

"Your business puts so many resources into building a brand, why let it be sidelined within such a visible, impactful environment as at your event where it can be so beneficial for your business and really shine?”

Jimmy Persson, Head of Product Design at Tame

Branding is so important for businesses as it's been shown that consistently showcasing the brand across platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Events are no exception, one study by ‘High performance marketing Demand Metric’ found that event marketing team members who create consistent, regular branded materials are very important for brand presentation.

Increased brand awareness

So why are virtual and hybrid events especially good for branding? With 80% of marketers saying that virtual events reach a wider audience than in-person events, brands have a new way to gain unique exposure with new consumers. This gives brands the dual benefit of growing loyalty and brand awareness among their current consumers, while also giving them access to a whole new market of potential customers.

Unlimited by geographic location, high costs and limited physical space imposed by in-person events, online events open a whole new way to widen the customer base.  This makes personalised branding for virtual and hybrid events even more important, after all it's not just about reaching new consumers, it's about leaving a lasting impression on them both of content and your brand. 

Let’s not forget to highlight the benefit of the lower costs of virtual events. Unlike in-person events where the costs of adding your brand to banners, stands, and swag adds up, virtual and hybrid events give you the ability to spread your brand across the event for no additional costs. It takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand, so affordable access to branding across events is extremely valuable. 

By working with virtual event platforms, you can get access to a multitude of ways to not only organise your event, but customise it. Customised content makes 82% of consumers feel more positive about a brand, and 61% of customers are more likely to buy from companies that deliver unique content. This all emphasises that investing in distinctive brand awareness pays back. 

B2B marketers feel similarly when it comes to customising their events. 89% of them think brand awareness should be the most important goal when it comes to the events they host. And when it comes to manufacturing marketers, webinars/webcasts have a 62% effectiveness rating for content marketing statistics.

Event customisation

Customisation comes in many forms. When it comes to virtual and hybrid events it's often the ability to control the look, feel, access, and content of your virtual platform.

Virtual spaces for events span a huge array of touchpoints, usually including an event website, welcome pages, landing pages, virtual stage access, and programmes. Customising these features can make all the difference in leaving an impression on your attendees. Landing pages have the highest conversion rate, so the capability to customise and brand an event landing pages means returns.

One extremely valuable feature of your event platform is the opportunity to make your event landing page completely unique.

By giving you the access to control everything from the type of attendee login to a completely customisable landing page - your brand is the centre of the event. But, before attendees can get to the landing page, they land on the welcome message - a golden opportunity when it comes to maximising your branding efforts. As your brand’s first impression and introduction to your audience, this is where you lay out your mission statement, and set the dialogue for the rest of the event - you want it to be personal and really engaging.

Then there’s the lobby, which is arguably the main page of the event on the day itself. Every attendee will interact with this space so it’s crucial it really maximises your brand awareness and viewability. Here you can add speakers and programmes, and with the right platform, these can be designed in a way that’s beautifully formatted and ready for brand integration, again tying your brand directly into attendee engagement. 

There are so many features that make all the difference when personalised. From interactive programmes and your event emails, ensuring your event is branded across the whole attendee experience gives consistency and a sense of extra special touches to your events.

Exhibitor & sponsor branding

Not only do you need to be able to brand your event, but your event’s exhibitors and sponsors having personal access to their booths through the platform is a great feature to ensure maximum benefit for everyone involved in the event and is a great way to ensure engagement across your event. 

By giving your exhibitors and sponsors access to their own customisable virtual booth, they have the freedom to maximise their space and get the most out of your event - certainly a great selling point when it comes to getting them involved in your event! 

“Giving your exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to brand their involvement in your event is a really strong feature to consider when choosing your event platform. It creates a strong two-way relationship between you and your event’s external stakeholders.”

Jimmy Persson, Head of Product Design at Tame.

Not only that, but a virtual booth means they can engage with your attendees with features such as videos, games, and other interactive tools, along with all the ways of giving details about your brands. The focus of customisation is not just showing a brand's image, but building brand relationships with attendees through a number of different ways to engage with attendees.

Of course, virtual and hybrid events also cater to deeper, personal interactions between attendees and sponsors, exhibitors and branded speakers. This is because virtual and hybrid events open up discussion through breakout rooms, Q&A sessions and other creative  engagement opportunities, like speed networking or games. After all, branding isn't just about placing your logo places, it's about getting meaningful engagement with your audience so that they get to know you as a holistic brand.

With the broad reach and benefits of hosting a virtual or hybrid event and the needless ways to customise brand awareness, it only makes sense to start looking into virtual and hybrid events as your next step in growing your brand awareness. And we’d love to be there! 

Here at Tame, we offer free demos and personalised support so we can walk you through the process of throwing an engaging, fully branded event, maximising value for everyone involved in your event.


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