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Tame vs. Hopin

When it comes to choosing your event platform, we know it’s a big deal. That’s why we’ve put together some comparisons with other event and webinar platforms, to help keep you informed about their features and capabilities.

Free trial
24/7 support
Only during working hours + not a live Customer Success person
Only for admins
Number of participants
(we just need to know beforehand)
Up to 100K, but not all can watch the session at the same time. Max. 3000 per session.
Session duration
Parallel sessions/Multi-stage events
Speed networking and automatic matchmaking
Play pre-recorded videos
Team collaboration (with permission levels, shared files)
Files over 2MB will not save
Website builder
Customization & branding
Programme builder
Speaker management
Sponsor & exhibitor booths
Registration (Tickets, Vouchers, Attendees, Orders, Payment, Check-in)
Event registration page
Built-in live sessions
Number of speakers in stage at the same time
50, but we recommend up to 20 for a great experience
1-20 speakers on camera with 500-3,000 viewers (depends on number of speakers)
Livestream sessions through other platforms
Youtube & Vimeo
Recording and storage
No, but you could do this using Youtube or Vimeo
Up to 40GB
Video library
Q&A during session
Raise hands
Polls and surveys
Not yet, but it's coming soon!
Public and private events
Partner management
Exhibitor management
Supplier management
Schedule meetings
Only for admins
Only 1:1 speed networking available; networking with a larger group is not available in the lounge
Ticket payments
Built in with Stripe
Pay extra 7% as Hopin’s platform fee
On the Enterprise plan, we can discuss custom integrations
Intercom, Slack, Twitter, Interprefy, Webhooks

Disclaimer: all information gathered is correct as of October 2021 and was collected through company websites and review platforms. The information shown on this page is for guidance only and Tame does not guarantee that all information is correct at time of reading as product features and specifications may change at any time. The information does not represent any contractual agreements or warranty. Any liability for errors or omissions is expressly disclaimed.

Discover our solution

With flexible pricing, 24/7 support and full customisation, here at Tame we’ve everything you need to make your virtual and hybrid events a success. Get in touch with our team to discuss any questions you may have and discover what Tame can do for you.

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Virtual events

Branded virtual event
Live & pre-recorded video
Breakouts & networking

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Hybrid events

Online event platform
Production & live streaming
Full support & consulting

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In-person events

Event website
Registration & RSVP


Flexible pricing to meet your needs

We know your event is unique, so we’ve designed our pricing structure to suit. With three core packages and a pick-n-mix of additional add-ons for support, we’re here for you, however you need.

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