Interact with
your employees.

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Speedy setup for seamless internal communications experience.

Whether it’s an annual company Town Hall or a training session with the team, you can empower everyone across the company to interact and get the information they need.

Make it your own

Brand your entire webinar. And we don’t just mean slap a logo on it. Easily customise and personalise every touchpoint.

Get your speakers all set up & ready

No one wants to download. Our browser based webinar platform ensures speakers’ tech all works & attendees can jump right in.

Open the doors to your webinar

Invite your esteemed guests or open up the webinar for anyone. It’s quick and easy for all attendees to sign-in.

Gather insights & improve

We make sure you get the attendee insights and data you can actually use & learn from.

See your recordings in one place

Your webinar recordings are safe and sound in one place, ready for you to see anytime.

Your employees are everything. Communicate with them in an engaging way.

No more snooze worthy company meetings. With a complete experience, we’re changing the way companies internally communicate information.


Attendees only sign-up & in once

It should be easy to join a webinar. Filling in endless information is a barrier to getting sign-ups, so we’ve stopped that nonsense.

• Easy access

• One click entry

• Branded sign in


Time for the final countdown

Show how long until the webinar starts with our countdown feature. Make waiting fun and start the interactivity from the off.

• Countdown timer

• Interactive games

• Share links & content


Push the right content at the right moment.

Populate our on-screen widgets with whatever content you fancy to elevate your attendees’ webinar experience and deliver true value.

• Newsletter signups

• Link to website

• Download resources


End the webinar, not the relationship

Your webinar might be finished, but  engaging with attendees certainly isn’t. See all the insights and attendee interaction data you need.

• Export insights

• Share content

• See engagement


All yours, now and forever

Keep your webinar recordings stored all in one place in your account, ready for you to share as you choose.

• Record

• Store

• Share

Data to deliver the ultimate company communications

We give you insights that tell you what you really need to know about how everyone across the company are engaging. Facts and stats you can actually use, whenever you need them.

It’s time your communications got promoted.

integrated with

No one likes extra admin (especially
at work).

You need everything to connect seamlessly, so you don’t spend hours on tedious admin. We’ve got the integrations you need built in so you can communicate full of confidence you’ve got the perfect workflow.

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