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One place to control everything.

Make your life easier with a one-stop-shop event process from start to finish.

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Central control hub

Our platform is designed with you as the star. Everything from your stakeholder data and communication to attendee management and event schedules sits in the control centre. Easy collaboration is key, so we’ve made it as slick as you need it to be.

attendees & ticketing

Some events are RSVP, some are paid tickets and we get that. We think there’s no need to over complicate these things, so your attendee list will be in the same place ready for you to add to manually or export as you need.

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design and go

Our drag ‘n’ drop builder means no design skills are required to create an event site that actually looks good. We know how important it is for your event to look like yours, so when choosing 100% white label, there’s no Tame branding anywhere - pinky promise. The glory is all yours.


We'll make sure you ace the attendee experience.

We offer event support on the day to make sure everything goes according to plan.

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Virtual events that inspire?

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