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Take the hassle out of your hybrid events.

Hybrid is here to stay. With Tame, you’ll have everything you need to create a seamless hybrid event experience.

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Online event platform

Manage your event all on one platform to help keep track of everything. From keeping tabs on the tickets you’ve sold to designing your event schedule, it’s all done in your Tame event platform.

Production & live streaming

No need to compromise a dynamic event schedule with our live streaming features. Stream your live sessions through Vimeo or Youtube, via any broadcasting network.

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Full support & consulting

Hybrid events are a whole new world. That’s why we offer onboarding and guidance throughout your event process, as well as additional support and consultancy with our most trusted external providers.

Value for exhibitors & sponsors

With hybrid events, you can maximise the value your event gives exhibitors and sponsors. They’ll be able to generate revenue through their dedicated sections and measure attendee engagement, too.

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Flexible pricing to meet your needs

We know your event is unique, so we’ve designed our pricing structure to suit. With three core packages and a pick-n-mix of additional add-ons for support, we’re here for you, however you need.

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Virtual events that inspire?

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