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We all need a helping hand along the way, especially when things are busy.
So we're here to help if you need us.

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A support team to get you in the lead.

While you’re busy creating engaging, lead generating webinars, we know there might be a few bumps in the road.

We hope you never need us. But we’re here if you do.

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Dedicated onboarding

Become an expert user of Tame in no time with the onboarding you need delivered by our wonderful team.

We’re here to help you feel confident in giving world class webinars, right from the start.

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Personal support

Wherever you are, you can speak with one of our team directly for support with your webinar.

With a support response time of just over 2 minutes, we’re here to help every weekday.

Onboarding Journey map

  • Onboarding kick-off

    Let’s set an onboarding plan for you and talk about your marketing goals when it comes to using webinars.

  • Training

    Our Customer Success Manager will guide you through the whole platform to make sure you’re fully up to speed with how everything works

  • Onboarding feedback

    Your opinion matters. We always welcome your feedback on your onboarding experience with us and love to know if there’s anything we can do to help make it an even smoother experience for you

Smooth sailing
from start to

What’s on offer for our customers?

Online support Monday-Friday, from 9am - 11pm EST
Help centre & video tutorials to help guide you through the platform
Dedicated customer success manager
If you’re more a talker than a typer, we also offer phone support to our most advanced package customers between 9am-5pm EST

It’s always nice to know who you’re speaking with.

That’s why we’d like you to meet our wonderful Customer Success Team who are ready to help you host your webinars.

Plus, with a support conversation score of 4.8/5, we know you’ll love them just as much as we do!

Why Tame?

Our cloud-based webinar solution is built to maximise the value of your webinars and nurture those all important leads. Plus, it's easy for everyone to use and host great looking webinars.

Brandability, pushing on-screen content, engagement tools, recording and insights? Just some of the features that are ready and waiting for you.

Stability & Reliability

Confidently host live and on-demand webinars with scalability, high performance and the reliability you need.

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Privacy & Compliance

Tame is committed to helping our customers comply with global privacy laws and standards like GDPR.

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Live Global Support

Ensure success no matter where you are with our dedicated customer success team and live webinar support.

Let's get you started!