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Here when you need us. Our support,  your success.

A support team to get you in the lead.

We hope you never need us. But we’re here if you do.


Become an expert user of Tame in no time with the onboarding you need delivered by our wonderful team.

We’re here to help you feel confident in giving world class communication experiences, right from the start.

Get a quick demo
Get a quick demo

Personal support.

Wherever you are, you can speak with one of our team directly for support with creating top notch experiences.

With a support response time of just over 2 minutes, we’re here to help every weekday.

Get a quick demo
Get a quick demo

An onboarding journey to set you up for success.

We take you from beginner to expert in a flash.


First up, we learn all about your goals and what experiences you want to deliver, then make a plan. We want all the details.


Your CS Manager will guide you through the platform to make sure you’re fully up to speed with how it all works.


Your opinion matters. We love to hear your feedback and see if there’s anything we can do to create an even smoother start.

One of a kind experience

You’re all set! Time to create some jaw dropping experiences. Remember, the team’s always here if you need some help.

End boring

Help your webinars drive more leads, one interaction at a time.

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