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Come join us.

Tame is home to a diverse team, passionate about making amazing products and experiences.


Are you our new colleague?

Our purpose is to make it easy to create experiences that engage and inspire. And we do this with the full freedom to balance our lives outside the office. Care to join?

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Guiding stars

Our values are the guiding principles behind every decision we make. From the way we treat each other in the office and communicate externally, to how we develop our product and hone our skills to achieve success.

Balance & Freedom

This is at the heart of it all and is the fundamental core to what we believe, both for our people and our customers. We care about your whole life and our hybrid approach to the office makes your work fit with your personal life. After all, they’re not two separate versions of who we are.


The trust we have in one another and that runs across the whole business is key to our success. It keeps us on track and is very much a two way street. No micromanaging (ever), just a constant encouragement for honesty and openness.


We provide you with all the tools and resources you need and always communicate with complete transparency. Because when you have what you need, you’re best able to do your job and have a good time. We're always cheering each other on and committed to growing together.


Keeping curious drives our innovation. It enables us to challenge and grow, both individually and collectively. We reckon others know something we don’t and that we can always learn more. Getting stuck in a rut is a no-go zone and curiosity is one way we avoid it.


A job that will make your mama brag. We're always looking for fiery souls that can bring something unique.

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