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We’re committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information systems and customer data.


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Amazon Web
Services (AWS)


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud providers in the world and is running a large part of the web today.

This means AWS has a massive experience running enterprise systems that need to cater to millions of users. Several large companies, such as Uber, Netflix, AirBnB and Dropbox, rely on AWS every single day.

This is the main reason why Tame is running on AWS, as we want to ensure nothing rocks the boat when you are using our tool and more importantly when your attendees are accessing your event website or buying tickets.


Furthermore, AWS provides this Service Level Agreement which allows us to guarantee you an uptime of 99%.

Security & Testing


We know security is always a moving target and therefore we have a great focus on developing and educating our employees to always utilise the newest security best-practices.

Our technical personnel is regularly in contact with security professionals and experts to ensure we are on top of our game.

Furthermore, we regularly replicate our entire production environment to a safe, isolated environment where we can perform security tests and audits internally. This environment is of course deleted after testing has ended.

Just so you can sleep well at night: We are not testing on your data or using your accounts, but only our own accounts and all data is anonymized when doing the testing.

A trustworthy payment provider.



Stripe processes billions of dollars of payments every year for companies of all sizes across the world from startups to public corporations. Stripe is our choice as the most efficient payment service with the best user experience all around. Stripe is open for payments from any country in the world.

Tame will not withhold your funds — we actually never see your money at all. Money from your ticket sales will be sent to Stripe, where the service fee will be deducted before payout. Read more about Stripe.

You can safely work with your data in Tame, always.



Tame has always been GDPR compliant, and before GDPR was trending we simply called it "Having respect for our users”. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of protecting you and your customer’s privacy at all costs.

We value your privacy and security extremely high and continuously do everything in our power to keep your data safely guarded compliant with EU regulation.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us either through our chat or by emailing to:

We make sure that all our technology partners are GDPR compliant. As you can read above, we mainly rely on Amazon Web Services for our technology infrastructure. Read more about AWS & GDPR.

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